Vision, mission and score values


Our vision is to strive for glorious achievement as one of the most powerful brand name dominating in particular business field of Trading – Services – Investment in domestic market as well as the region.


  • To the customer: We respectably commit to serve the valuable customers with the highest standard in the best commodity and service qualification.
  • To the business partner: We sincerely commit to establish the trustworthy, prestigious and stable foundation for the developing bilateral partnership.
  • To the employee: We amicably commit to construct the harmonious, professional, dynamic and creative work environment aimed to self-motivated productivity target.
  • To the society: We honestly commit to be always conscious of the consistent relationship of Cholimex’s and society’s benefit and the social activities play the one of the important roles of Cholimex’s responsibility to the community.


Core Values:

  • Creative Mind is the foundation for the development.
  • Humans are the property of the Company, are factors that create success.
  • Team Spirit - Honesty is the motto action.
  • Differences - Breakthroughs is a competitive advantage.