Services are exploiting

In the business services, Cholimex has the diversity in its organization to meet the various demands of the customers. These services are included: export-import delegation service, leasing service for offices, premises, warehouses along with some related subsidiary services.

Export and Import Delegation Service:

Make the import-export entrust services all kinds of goods to other countries at the request of customers by the existent  prestige and good quality service, Cholimex's regular customers are stably maintaining.

Office for lease:

Located at 631- 633 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 11, District 5, HCMC, office building for lease invested by Cholimex has been put into the operation with many ventilating flexible office rooms in area from 16m2 – 32m2 per room.
With the modern facilities equipped, standardized fire protection system, best customer service quality, smooth traffic conditions, good security, comfortable parking and other conveniences, this project promisingly is the ideal office location for your options and be suitable to set up representative offices or expanding market segment plans…

Office for lease at 631 – 633 Nguyen Trai

Warehouse for lease:

Cholimex’s warehouse system including one warehouse located at 631- 633 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 11, District 5, HCMC and a new invested one operated at Vinh Loc Industrial Zone shall satisfy the customer’s demand in storehouse for raw materials and finished products. These stores are designed in flexible paradigm with separate blocks that could be changed in size to accommodate itself to the goods consignment so as to minimize the warehousing costs.
The racking mechanism is also designed for the optimal utilizable purpose which could help most easily controlling the amount of goods. Obviously the warehouses shall be furnished all the necessary standardized equipment such as fire protection system, modern facilities for supporting the management, maintenance, arrangement and re-sorting of export-import merchandises.
Moreover, the Cholimex’s warehouse organization also provides auxiliary supporting services such as: to load and unload the cargo, transportation within HCMC area …

Warehouse for lease at Vinh Loc Industial Park

Warehouse for lease at 631-633 Nguyen Trai

Apart from the warehousing service, Cholimex is always willingly looking for potential partners to co-operate and exploit the other available operating premises.